About Us

Infinite Power has created the most creative insurance strategy to date. We protect personal thoughts, ideas and memories against all natural disasters.

What We're All About

Our mission is to provide water and supplies to disaster-prone areas and to educate individuals to safeguard their physical and mental health from disasters. I.P. is seeking growth for the purpose of building a new bottled water manufacturing plant, purchasing new equipment, employing 200 employees and creating space for positive innovation.

About Me

I am proficient at collaborating with other professionals, finding creative solutions, and preparing detailed proposals. In addition, I am prepared to pitch your ideas to stakeholders and to defend your standpoints when necessary. An outstanding creative consultant I am a proactive learner who is curious, disciplined, and flexible and I know how to conduct research and identify problems, and also be able to ask questions without feeling self-conscious.

Kendra Stephen
Our Story

Who We Are

Infinite Power LLC, established in 2020, has provided vapor distilled alkaline water, resources and supplies to disaster prone areas in Saint Louis, Mo.  While, disasters can lead to mental health issues that can have a negative impact on relationships, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death for all age groups in both the United States and the state of Missouri. Therefore, Infinite Power Alkaline Water Drinker Associates are not only selling water; But are dedicated individuals that created an insurance strategy, that protects personal thoughts, ideas, and memories against all natural disasters. Our health is our wealth.


Infinite Power insurance protects against natural disasters, like floods and earthquakes.


Infinite Power is the only insurance plan that allows you to get your memories back, even if they are damaged by natural disasters.


Infinite Power provides a way to be insured against natural disasters and protect your thoughts, ideas, and memories.