Don't Just Drink Water

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Infinite Power LLC dba DrinkWater promotes awareness of the need and lack of water and provides hope and motivation for improvement. When we come together we create positive thinking to ensure individuals will come up with ideas to change the world.

With our multifaceted background, we did all the hard work, giving the people something that can precipitate hope, improve communities, create jobs, and bring change to the world.

We have been pioneering health for over 30 years and we believe that well-being and peak performance go hand in hand. And that through custom support and strengthening mental fitness, you unleash personal and professional potential.


Free education and skill acquisition are other aspects of our project. This aspect is to change people’s lives through an emotional and better learning experience. The aim is to educate people on how to meet their needs and achieve their goals in life after a natural disaster. We empower people through our technological innovation and data-driven insights. People who follow the instructions get a guide on dialogue with stakeholders and partner with multiple clients in different industries.

A single plan cannot fit every person. That’s why our company reaches into a person’s specific needs, wants, and concerns to explore every possibility. Our services are transparent, and partnership is trusted to guarantee the needed support along the recovery phase. Our empowerment does not stop after acquiring the skill. Still, we continue to highlight the market trend, public demand, and energy-efficient opportunities through real-time data solutions rendered by our software.


Our knowledge makes us an expert in the industry.  We will motivate many individuals to improve mentally in any condition. We will also provide aid to disaster victims and universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all.

As a result,  we will have unified Missourians, lower crime rates, educate the community on the importance of maintaining a healthier lifestyle. We are creating an insurance strategy that PROTECTS PERSONAL THOUGHTS, IDEAS, AND MEMORIES AGAINST ALL NATURAL DISASTER.

“The Only Thing Permanent Is Change.”- Heraclitus
Taste the POWER, Feel the DIFFERENCE


The company started as an idea in Saint Louis, MO (2017). The concept existed to unify Missourians, lower crime rates, create new ideas, and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The company is located in St. Louis, the second largest city in Missouri, United States with over 300,000 populations, while the bi-state metropolitan area which extends into Illinois had an estimated population of 2.8 million. Missouri serves the operational and distribution purpose of production and connecting the company to the target market. 

When given the right tools people’s lifestyles can change in any circumstance. Disaster occurs when several individuals find themselves divided, dehydrated, stressed, or even dissatisfied with their progress. Therefore, people’s lifestyles can change for the worst. 

Infinite Power values positive change while displaying selflessness and motivation to improve the environment for all. I.P. have created an insurance strategy that protects personal thoughts, ideas, and memories against all natural disasters. The Infinite Power’s “Xkai” Insurance will have a monthly premium that provide coverage for disaster expenses that accrue unexpectedly. The insurance covers water, tissue, tampons, condoms, laundry supplies, trash bags, gas, and personal hygiene. 

The social activities in these locations are also sky-high. People are now looking to drink healthy and are doing away with soda and other products. 

Satisfaction is guaranteed by the level of attention we invest in offering excellent service to our clients. We plan to incorporate feedback schemes on every service we render. This is required to keep the management team abreast of grey areas and suggest critical measures to be affected in addressing identified issues.

We are aiming for profitability and growth. We will be a multibillion-dollar company by year 2027. Efficiency with the ordering process, distribution channel, and customer service are areas that will get major attention. We want the full consumer experience to be flawless to increase repeat business and free advertising.