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Infinite power is more than just A WATER Brand. We are the world's COGNITIVE INSURANCE PLAN.
Taste the Power... Feel the difference
"We the people can never be broken.
Strength is within us.
When we seek knowledge, we find truth.
Either we can grow or self-destruct.
We can only live or kill ourselves.
Let's gain the Infinite Power and force change."


-Kendra S.



Our vision is to liberate the mind and promote healthier choices.


We get our motivation from within the circle we created and we created greatness. We built a legacy of positivity and dedication to ensure that every product sold has the best quality available. Our product will freely energize the heart, clear the mind, and assist all consumers with achieving a healthier lifestyle daily.




A portion of the proceeds from every INFINITE POWER brand purchase will be donated to feed, clothe and educate people in Urban Communities around the nation.


The Reason 

When given the right tools people’s lifestyles can change in any circumstances...


Our mission is to provide water and supplies to disaster-prone areas and to educate individuals to safeguard their physical and mental health from disasters. 

Disasters can lead to mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, alcohol, and drug abuse, as well as impacting on relationships with family, friends, and at work.




Infinite Power started as an idea in Saint Louis, MO (2017). The concept existed to unify Missourians, lower crime rates, create new ideas, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Infinite Power reached over 2,000 people utilizing the Facebook business platform.

Presently over 980,000 people have shown support by utilizing the hashtag "#drinkWater," posting pictures and donating to different organizations to promote a healthier lifestyle. Infinite Power also provided information that helped individuals change from temporary dieting to fulfill their desired lifestyle.


Saint Louis, Missouri's reputation to rank at number one for the most dangerous city, is now ranked fifth, and positivity engagement rises. Which we believe we had a small part to play regarding the results, but progress is critical.

So, knowing things change, some people don't have the time or energy to stay hydrated to accompany others or fail to execute a prearranged daily task. To a great extent, people drinking enough water every day is good for overall health to help with hydration and performance. People would often ask, "What type of water would be the best drink?" For this reason, after taking the time to research with different types of water, conduct experiments in a laboratory, Infinite Power Alkaline Water Brand was discovered not only to hydrate the body but to recharge the body while supplying a great tasting beverage that everyone can enjoy. 


#drinkwater #peace


I am now comfortable with the fact that I am not perfect. Now when I make a mistake I smile to myself and some times I laugh. I take joy in the fact that these little mistakes that I make can be turned into humorous stories or if nothing else a lesson worth learning in life.

I am also comfortable with the fact that everyone is different. I think I always liked the idea of everybody being different but I never realized that I was often expecting people to be like me, to think like me, to do what I do and to say what I say. Now when someone thinks, does or says something completely different to what I would think, do or say, I try to find a way to understand and/or just accept that we are different but ultimately appreciate that there are these differences.

Most importantly I am comfortable with who I am and where I am now in my life. Now I am able to block out negative feelings and emotions more effectively than I have ever been able to. I am a happier person because of life coaching.


-Amanda T., 31 years old,  Lecturer

I was expecting a session with Kendra where she would advise me directions to take to make my life happy. She instead taught me how to choose my own directions and grow as a person for unlimited happiness. I discovered the need to set goals, achieve them and celebrate.

Since taking coaching sessions, I have gone back to music playing, studying, meeting new people, contacting old friends. It has also helped me strengthen relationships with my family.

I have gained a lot more than I expected from life coaching. This is just the start of the new me.


-Mike L., 32, Project Manager

I have to say our last meeting was really great… I had tried to change the way I think/see the world for a long time… but never succeeded, I think I can do it now because I understand there is support system created for each belief… I had never considered this before.

I started analysing my beliefs as soon as I left you and now it’s been a week, I really think it’s working, slowly, but it is… I can feel it… I still have a VERY LONG WAY to go… but it’s a start, a great start.


-Adriana D., 27, student

After 3 sessions